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Peer-to-Peer (or P2P) - Workgroup Setup

This is a basic yet powerful configuration that gives the client PC’s within the Workgroup the ability to share files and network devices. Typically we advise this set up to be used by home users or small businesses networks with two to three computers as configuration can be manually repetitive and it soon becomes difficult to manage. The main drawback of this configuration is the PC sharing the files is constantly in use which causes file access speed issues and most importantly you are at mercy of the users not to open the PC to vulnerability, one way to avoid problem is introduce a NAS (or Network Storage Adapter) drive for centralised file access.


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Single server based network - Domain Setup
Network schematics

Small Business and Home Users

Peer-to-Peer Configuration - £39.99 (inc VAT) per hour

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NAS (Network Attached Storage) Configuration - £39.99 (inc VAT) per hour

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